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Advantages and Features

Professional and dedicated HMI overall solution provider

  • Huaxian industrial control research institute

    >Entity industrial control research

    >Display module Industry research

    >HMI system solutions research

  • Huaxian display module and technology

    >Other display Technology

    >LCD display module R&D and production

    >EPD module R&D and production

  • Hardware department of Huaxian display module

    >Module structure and mold design and development

    >PCBA board design and production

    >Other functions design and production

  • Software department of Huaxian display module

    >communication protocol

    >Software infrastructure

    >software function interface

  • Technical Support

    >user training

    >system docking

    >overall solution implementation

  • After-sales system

    >national network layout

    >After-sales service mechanism

    >agent synergy service

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About Us

Focusing on R&D team building, adhering to the spirit of "talent first, people-oriented" to develop a talent team

Kunshan Huaxian Photoelectricity Technology Co., Ltd.

Kunshan Huaxian Photoelectricity Technology Co., Ltd. has long been committed to the development and production of display terminal products. It is a HMI system supplier, LCD/E-ink module R&D manufacturer and professional ESL system solution provider. Founded in 2015, and the headquartered is in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province.

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  • What kind of display modules does Huaxian produce?

    Huaxian produces the modules including STN,TFT,OLED,E-papar etc. and also can meet the requests of customization.

  • What are the advantages of display modules produced by huaxin compared with other enterprises in the industry?

    Huaxin has a number of fully automatic imported display module equipment production lines and years of industry experience to ensure product quality, superior supply chain resources and integration ability to ensure the competitiveness of product cost, strong after-sales service system to ensure that customers use huaxian products without worries.